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20 BUCKS!!! and a Dead Ghost

1.  I just got back from a twilight walk. I found 20 bucks in an alley. No one was around. I even waited a coupla minutes to see if anyone would come back for it. No one did. AWESOME! I put ten in my "Muddy Roots" savings envelope and a tenner in my "Art" envelope.

--Muddy Roots is a rad roots music and underground country festival I'm going to the first weekend in September. If you like any form of American roots music, you should go. Slim Cessna's gonna be there. The Shack Shakers. Frikkin RALPH STANLEY! Yes, he of the song "O Death" is going to be there. T-Model Ford. Joe Buck. Rachel Brooke. Rev. Horton Heat. Hillbilly Casino. Jayke Orvis and the Broken Band. A ton of other amazing bands.

I HATE outdoor festivals. The sun is a mass of hell sitting in the sky. I hate it. I do not enjoy me the sun, no not one bit. AND YET! I am excited about this music fest...because seriously, the only way the line up could get better is if they brought in Dolly Parton for an acoustic set and she had coffee with me. OK, well, and if the .357 String Band got back together and played. And if Those Poor Bastards came. But 2 out of 3 of those are impossible. 

So part of that 20 bucks is going to buy new music at the fest.

2.  And the other part of the money is going to me saving up for a frame. I bought my first piece of art. It is a limited edition print called "Death of a Ghost" by Femke Hiemstra. I saved up a long time for it, putting 5 aside here and there. I LOVE IT:

I'm thinking I want to get it an ornate black frame.

On my walk tonight, I passed a ground floor apartment with the blinds open. The light was on. An older woman with white hair was bending down picking up something off her couch. Her walls were bare and she had a TV.

When I am old and gray, I will have books everywhere. I will have art everywhere. I will not be alone, even if my loved ones are gone.

3. I am writing. I am writing as fast as I damn well can. Things keep popping up to distract me, but the novel is getting done. I don't know if it's gonna get done-done before WisCon though. I think at this point, I will be basically done by WisCon, but I want another week to read it over slower, as a whole, when I get back from the con. Then I will send it to a few beta readers by June 1.

I will be working on new projects by June 2.

Whenever beta readers get back to me (hopefully within a month), I will do a mega round of fixes and then wham bam, the book's going out the door. I don't know to who, but it's going agent hunting.

Wait...back up. NEW PROJECTS BY JUNE 2??? YES!!!

4.  Speaking of art. Great god pan. Could Neil Gaiman get any more inspirational? The scruffy haired sage gave a Commencement Address at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia. I needed to here it. Have at:

As I struggle to get this book done, running around between the library and the bar, I keep knocking into inspiration points. Like Gaiman above. And this rule Kerouac had for himself:

"You're a Genius all the time."

Hell yes, I am a genius all of the time. I could slay novels monthly. Pff, short stories? I eat them for breakfast. They distill, and I piss out poetry. I am a Genius all of the time.

I can do this.
I can do this.

The novel will get done.

New projects by June 2, gorramit.

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