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Effin around on Etsy.

HOLY GEEZ. There are some amazing folks on Etsy. I started a favorites list. I find that I'm always cruising other people's favorites, so I might as well start my own. I think it's the best way to sort through all the crap. Sure, there's the treasury section and all sorts of lists...but I find the coolest stuff through spying on other Etsy users' favorite items or favorite shops.

Sample of super rad items (albeit completely unaffordable to me at this time):


(Click on the pictures to go to the Etsy stores.)

In other art gorgeousness, check it:

"Diving Bull" by Mr. Mead

The dark documentary photography of Claire Martin:

And cause he was awesome, here's some Son House:

Oh yeah, if you haven't seen it, the documentary The Battle for Citizen Kane is a good 'un. Hearst vs. Orson Welles. I can appreciate Citizen Kane, but it is by no means one of my top ten movies that I enjoy watching over and over. So I was pleased and surprised by this documentary. Gossip, violence, tyrants, boy geniuses, mistresses, movietown, it's got it all. Also, did you know that everything Welles ever did of import was done before the age of 25? WTF? I know. I feel like a slackass. Yet. Again. Then again, not everyone can be a boy genius. I have no want to be a boy. And if I had to turn into a ranting asshole, I wouldn't want to turn into a genius. Not that Welles was only a ranting asshole, he - at times - seemed quite charming, but as a director...he was, hmm, demanding.

Time for more coffee. More writing. I'm revising a medicine show, overdose scene. Fun times.

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